"The Family Recipe that we use today is the same one that we have been using from the day that we opened La Mesa Tortillas.  Just before opening, I asked my mother and grandmother to help me perfect the recipe; I wanted our tortillas to have the same authentic flavor and freshness we have all grown up with. "

A Super Pack for a Super Weekend

1 quart Red Chili Beef, Green Chili Beef, or Green Chili Chicken

1 quart of Beans

1 quart of Rice

1 dozen medium flour tortillas or 2 dozen small

   Serves 8                                                                                                          $26.75 plus tax

Advance orders recommended. Place your order at our

Broadway–Pantano store 298-5966 or Pima–Alvernon store 777-6172  

Pick up on Saturday January 31st

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